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Consulting solutions we present often need hardware to run recommended software packages. We have channel relationships with major suppliers and some not so major suppliers that might surprise you.

We are always on the lookout for new entrants to the marketplace that have started to establish track records as ways of ensuring we are offering high value solutions that are leading edge. We use many of the solutions ourselves.

Some solutions are co-located in data centers with your own hardware or are entirely "in the cloud" in order to achieve cost savings where they can be proven.

Equipment solutions will include manufacturer on site warranties wherever possible so if there is a problem - you are not left waiting for equipment to be fixed. No recommendation is EVER made based on ATG getting a margin opportunity. In fact you will often find though our purchasing power we are able to obtain you equipment at lower cost than you will find through any other channel. If you let our staff do the ordering - you know the correct equipment will arrive on site.



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