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Graeme SmithIn 2003 I founded Atlantic Technology Group around a very simple idea. To provide businesses in Southern New England with outstanding technology advice to match their business processes, then back this up with services, equipment and maintenance tailored to their needs. Key to the delivery was to cut through the "techno-babble" and explain in plain English how our recommendations would improve the bottom line.

Back in those days email sometimes worked over dial up modems, e-commerce was a losing proposition and if one computer in the office talked to another - it was a good day!

Now there has been a positive explosion in Information Technology. We social network as we buy with eCommerce and talk over VOIP and wonder if BYOD is a way for an employee to stay refreshed during the business day or just join their Smartphone to your network to do their job better - or perhaps to social network some more. We wonder if our company information is secure and worry we may become victims of identity theft. With an increasing need to be "always on" with no downtime, we agonize over whether to migrate to "the cloud" or perhaps we are already there and don't know it!

ATG grew from a group of independent business people with decades of experience in the solutions we offered. We retain this business model working with some of the best independent consultants, contractors and technology providers in the business. It keeps ATG lean and strong and open to fresh ideas. We are more akin to project managers, who like getting our hands dirty on the job. We use the latest tested technologies - many from young companies offering outstanding value and more features compared to many of the established "big players". They are no mere whims but are ATG tested in the real world. We consider ourselves technology "agnostic" - if the solution involves getting an iPad to talk to a Windows Server and the staff have Android phones - we will blend the technology and make it work!

I invite you to explore our ideas then get in touch and see how ATG can help your business keep up in these increasingly challenging and exciting times.

Graeme J W Smith